A 3D printed surfboard and environment friendly?

This morning we stumbled upon a video that made us question everything we knew up to this point. A 3D printed surfboard that’s also environment friendly. Is that even possible?


3D Printed Surfboard

Well judging from the video above it surely is! The Dolphin Board of Awesome, as they call it, is the world’s first 3D printed surfboard. This compostable shape is designed by a tripe of the world’s leading shapers, surfers, artists, chemical engineers, biomimicry specialists and additive manufacturers, according to the website. We have no idea what that means exactly, but it sounds amazing. Apart from subscribing to an e-mail list there’s not much going on on their website to further elaborate, but you sure have our attention.

Also good for the environment

One Piece a Day

The Seabin Project

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