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Everywhere around the world you can find traces of the aloha spirit, but we found it where you least expect it. Since the winter of 2015 you can find the true aloha spirit at Aloha Surf right on the beach of one of Holland’s surfing hotspots, Scheveningen. But first, let’s take it back a few years.

A brief history

The story starts in 1998 when one of Aloha’s founders, Maurice Kolijn, started giving surf lessons to just a handful of people who were willing to try out this ‘new’ phenomenon called surfing. At this time there were quite a few Dutch hardcore surfers, but for most people it was still very unknown. Did you know that surfing was illegal in the Netherlands till as late as 1997?

aloha surf scheveningen

Out with the old.

The Dutch are real watermen so slowly but steadily surfing started to grow in popularity. It was during this time when Maurice decided to start his own surf school. Together with his girlfriend (now wife) Daphne Oedekerk they started Aloha Surf school in 2002. They have been open year round ever since 2008, and now they have realised their dream with a brand new location on the beach, right in front of one the best surf spots of the Netherlands.

The start

The start.

i love surfing scheveningen

In with the new.

A new location, a dream come true

I just had a really nice session. The sun is shining and it’s quit warm for the time of year. I place my board in a wooden board rack and enjoy the outdoor shower. In a couple of minutes I am meeting Daphne for a ‘koffie verkeerd’ (the Dutch version of a latte). I quickly get changed at one of the changing rooms, order my coffee, and sit down in the sun. Daphne joins me and we talk about Aloha.

One thing that strikes me right away is the passion for the business. “It wasn’t easy to get where we are right now”, Daphne said. “There was a lot of politics to deal with to realise our dream”. But a special encounter with Laird Hamilton gave here the perseverance she needed. “Laird is amazing and what he said to me stuck with me and still helps me through difficult times. A poster with his quote now hangs above the bed of one of my sons”.

We don’t get into the politics of it too much, but it makes me realise that it’s even more special that they are where they are today nevertheless. A beautiful beach location with a surf shop, surf school, healthy (organic) food, and a bunch of surf events.

The Aloha Spirit

As in many places around the world, surfing has also grown a lot in popularity in the Netherlands. In summer people come to Scheveningen to learn to surf but also to sunbathe, swim, play beach volleyball, and do other water related activities. During high season the surf zone can be packed with lessons from quite a few different surf schools. But for Daphne and Maurice it’s not about the big numbers. “We want to provide quality lessons with a personal touch, and share our stoke for surfing by passing along the aloha spirit.” I can tell what Daphne means when she says this.


Aloha Spirit not in Hawaii.

The Aloha Surf building isn’t too big and feels quite intimate. Boards on the ceiling, surfing memorabilia, surf movies on a big screen, an open kitchen, an outside area with sea view, everything feels and breathes surf in a modest way. A little piece of aloha spirit on a massive beach in the south of the Netherlands. Who would have thought that?!

The experience

You can find the aloha spirit throughout all elements of Aloha Surf. They have pretty much everything you’re looking for as a seasoned surfer, a grommet or surfing newbie.

Aloha Surf school
The surf school is opened year round right on the beach and just meters away from one of Holland’s best surf spots. During the colder months you can enjoy thick winter wetsuits, boots, gloves and caps. Have a nice warm (or hot) shower after your lesson and tell your best stories or watch a surf movie with a hot drink and some nice food. All instructors are fully qualified including beach lifeguard qualifications. Lessons are available for:

  • Small groups from 18 years old
  • Kids lessons from 13 years old
  • Junior lessons till 17 years old
  • Private lessons for all ages
  • Family surf lessons
  • Surf club winter sessions from 8 till 16 years old
  • Stand Up Paddle lessons
i love surfing aloha

Kids camp.

Surf Rental
A day at the beach, but you didn’t realise how good the surf was? On a trip through Europe and not travelling with all of your surf gear? No worries! Aloha has all the gear you’re looking for. A variety of boards to choose from and the right wetsuits and accessories to go for a paddle year round.

Events and groups
Aloha offers sportive, culinary, and creative activities for groups. Whether it’s a family reunion, a team event of the human recourse department, or a high school sports day, Aloha’s events are tailor made. Popular activities and workshops are:

  • Surfing
  • Power kiting
  • Beach volleyball
  • Sand sculpturing
  • Skateboarding
  • Longboarding
  • Surf & Tapas
  • Jewellery making

Have a look at the events page for even more options.

Aloha’s kitchen
When you’re familiar to the surf scene you know a lot of people are connected to nature, their inner selves, and relationships with each other. This creates a different need for food. In Aloha’s kitchen they try to fill this need by cooking and baking with fair trade products. The meat is 100% organic, and you can also choose from vegetarian and even vegan dishes. Food is served throughout the day, from breakfast till lunch to dinner, they have it all.


A kitchen with a view.

Surf shop
Aloha’s surf shop is part of their beach location, but they also have a pretty good online shop. In the shop itself you’ll find all sorts of boards and wetsuits, as well as all the surf accessories and repair kits you need. Alongside some of the bigger surf brands Aloha also has some smaller (local) up and coming surf brands in stock. This and its beach location gives this surf shop a slightly different feel than what you’re probably used to.

chanti mai

Photo Chanti Mai

In a nutshell

  • Surf lessons for groups and individuals
  • Events that suit your wishes
  • Organic and fair trade food
  • Shop till you drop
  • Surf rental for all seasons
  • Surfboard test centre
  • Outside seating with fabulous view
  • Free wifi
  • Warm and cold showers
  • Separate changing rooms
  • Free lockers
  • Open 365 days a year

A place to stay
If you are looking for a (cheap) place to stay in Scheveningen or The Hague then Jorplace might have the bed you’re looking for, in addition with the discount code alohasurf you receive 20% off your bookings from Sunday till Thursday.

Check it out

Interested in the current conditions check out Aloha’s Webcam. As I’m writing this there’s a really fun and clean longboard wave breaking. Big mistake to watch the webcam because now I have to go for a session.

Well that was rather fun but where was I? Ah yes. You can find Aloha at Strand Noord 2b, 2586 ZZ in Scheveningen, the Netherlands. Set your satnav to Visafslagweg or Adriaan Maasplein 1 for free parking but it’s only a short walk from there.

Get in touch by calling 0031 70 322 7171 or visit their website in English or Dutch.

Also check out their opening times and check out these Dutch conditions.

Some of the fun: Photo’s by 65 Things.


surf foto scheveningen

de noord



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