Best Board Sale of Europe

Recently we came across the best board sale of europe and as you know we love to spread the love.

Since 1971 Hart Beach has been selling surfboards in the Netherlands and has now grown into on of the best specialist board stores of Europe and maybe even the world. As you walk in to their store you can feel the surf vibe and everywhere you look you see classic surfboards and collector items. It’s like walking into a museum but way cooler! And now they have the best board sale of europe. And because the really love our fans we got a special promo code: ilovesurfing use this code and you will recieve a €10,- discount on all orders above €70,-

Best Board Sale of Europe

  • 7S
  • Hayden Shapes
  • Rusty
  • Simon Anderson
  • Lost

International delivery

best board sale of europe

use promo ilovesurfing for a €10,- discount

13 shortboards with over €2100,- combined discount

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