Best European Surf Spots For Beginners | Top 10

Best European Surf Spots For Beginners

It isn’t that hard to find some awesome surfing spots for beginners. In a few seconds we will show you the best surf spots in Europe and the UK. A You’ll know a few of them, but trust us we have some surprises for you!


10. Watergate Bay, Newquay (GBR)

One of the best reasons to go surfing as a beginner is because of the beach. It is less crowded than others in the area, has some nice cafes, and is close to Newquay. The perfect place to start catching waves!


9. Newgale, Wales (GBR)

You can find Newgale at the heart of Pembrokeshire. It’s a surf heaven for beginners. You will have enough space to practice on the two miles stretch of sand.


8. Belhaven Bay, Scotland (GBR)

If you go to Belhaven Bay, you will find a quiet and peaceful village with shallow beaches. However, the water can be a bit chilly, don’t hesitate to get in if you are a beginner!


7. Perranporth, Cornwall (GBR)

Martijn, I am sure you already see some of his blogs on this page, went to Perranporth and wrote about it. You can find it here.


6. Klitmoller, Denmark

Surfing in Denmark? Yes you can! If you are planning a trip to Denmark you definitely should take your board with you. Drive to the north west and you will find a surf mecca in Klitmoller. It’s also known as “Cold Hawaii”.


5. San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastian is one of our favorite spots on this list! This spot has an urban beach with a lot of nice restaurants and laid-back bars. We promise you will be never on your own!


4. Zarautz, Spain

Good food, sangria, fiesta’s and a lovely place to surf. If you haven’t been to Zarautz, for sure you have to go there. You can find different waves for different levels. It’s a perfect place to begin and develop your surfing skills.


3. Biarritz, France

If you are looking for the perfect mix between the French way of living and the social surf culture, you will be spot on in Biarritz. The Cote Basque is considered as the birth ground for European surf.


2. Peniche, Portugal

Check the swell, take a weekend off and go to Peniche Portugal. Why? Just do it! You can find out more about this place here.



Best European Surf Spots For Beginners

1. Mimizan, France

The most famous and favorite place for a lot of Dutch, German, and other European surfers! A lot of places to stay, good weather and nice surf. At night the town comes to life when all the surf camps are ready for a party, comedy night, or dance a good old dance off. Definitely the number one of the Best European Surf Spots for Beginners.

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