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Ladies and Gentlemen,
Please let us introduce you to Mr. Daniel Ricciardo. One of the best formula 1 drivers on the grid. After his magnificent overtaking last weekend, he did a little celebration. Daniel threw probably the best shaka ever made at full throttle! Mr Ricciardo, we love you, you are a real hero! <3 Just Watch!

Do you know that Daniel isn’t even allowed to surf even if he wanted to? His team, Red Bull, has forbidden him to surf. He might get attacked by a shark. Sounds a bit silly to say to someone who’s driving a Formula 1 car at speeds over 320 kilometres per hour. Nevertheless, it seems that Daniel has still got the stoke deep within. During last weeks race at Monza, he threw the best Shaka we have seen in a while.

Did you ever wonder about the true meaning behind the Shaka, or want to know where it came from? Find our here!

The Best Shaka Ever

You too can learn the best shaka there is. Just have a look at this Shaka Training video.


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  1. 16 September 2016

    […] Quite recently we saw one of the fastest Shaka’s ever. Check it out here. […]

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