Biarritz Surf Gang | Hawaiian surf gangs are scary?

We’ve all heard the stories of the surf gangs in Hawaii and the scary lads of The Bra Boys. But if you thought those guys are scary, think again, because these surfers from Biarritz, France were something else. Watch the trailer for the Biarritz Surf Gang.


Biarritz Surf Gang

Until now, this had been an unknown story about (arguably) the six best surfers of Europe during the 80s. It is a story from the wild surf scene during it’s pioneer years in Europe. Back in the day it was all about having fun, sex, drugs and rock-‘n-roll, but now it’s more of an wellness movement.

It is all set in the grand environment of Biarritz and has breath-taking archive footage, a kick ass sound track and awesome characters, who still rule the local scene today.


The Biarritz surf gang is currently promoted in collaboration with Nouvague. They are based in Biarritz and Berlin, create events and publications to support independent surf & skate culture. They run several festivals throughout Europe with 100 screenings per year in Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands and Austria.

Check out more trailers HERE

Biarritz Surf Gang

Biarritz Surf Gang

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