Pipeline in winter | I Love Surfing

Pipeline When Pipeline turns on it is one of the most exciting waves on the planet. It is also the final stop of the world championship of the World Surf League. Surfing Pipe takes a special skill set and a bit of hassling as well. The video was made by Eric Sterman and is quite possibly one of […]

View From A Blue Moon | John John Florence

View From a Blue Moon|One of the most exciting surfers on this planet John John Florence has waited three years with bringing out a new movie. We can’t wait any longer. And to make us even more stoked to see his new work he teased us with this trailer for his new movie View From […]

Surfing Iceland | No Country For Cold Men

Surfing Iceland could be considered as one of the final frontiers. We’re sure there are a few more. But in this great surf movie ‘No Country For Cold Men’ you get a pretty good idea of what surfing Iceland is all about. Garrett Parkes – James Kates – Chayne Simpson take us on a journey to a place only a few have surfed […]

KLM Surf | Indonesia with Yannick de Jager

“The energy and the excitement about the place just keeps building”, says Dutch pro surfer Yannick de Jager. As part of a new campaign KLM Surf takes us to different surf and travel destinations.In this video about Indonesia Yannick talks about what this place means to him and what makes Indo special. Yannick believes that Indonesia was made for […]

Shark Saves A Man By Attacking Him

A man gets attacked by a shark and discovers a tumor Shark Saves A Man By Attacking Him. The life of Eugene Finney could have been very different if he wasn’t attacked by a shark of the Californian coast. After the attack he was bruised, cut and shocked. Off course things could have ended a […]

Top 5 Surf Cars

What are the best surf cars ever? In our opinion any car that can carry a surfboard would automatically be nominated among the Top 5 Surf Cars. However, there are a few that stand out above all others for several reasons. Especially for you we have put together an epic top 5 surf cars: 5. […]

Mick Fanning’s Alter Ego Eugene | We need him!

As soon as competitive surfers get out of the water, they seem to be pushed through a World Surf League filter and they all become the same boring person. In times like these I wish we had Mick Fanning’s alter ego Eugene on tour! WSL Filter As long as the surfers of the world championship […]

Double Overhead Roadtrip to Brittany

I am in my last meeting of the day but I feel nervous. My colleagues are eating too slow, and I can’t seem to enjoy my tuna steak. I have a special kind of feeling in my body. As soon as this dinner is over I’ll be running to my already packed car and driving […]

I Love Surfing With Alana Blanchard

Everybody knows Alana Blanchard, she has over 1.6 million followers on Instagram and 2.1 million followers on Facebook. She’s probably more famous than John John Florence or Dane Reynolds, and maybe even Kelly Slater. Wait scratch that, nobody is more famous than KS. I mean come on he even has his own wave and does breathing exercises with the Ice […]

I Love Surfing Landes | Best Videos

Surfing Landes means surfing Hossegor and many other high performance surfing spots. Part of the WSL World Tour and home of some of Europe’s best Barrels. This ‘Département’ in the South-West of France attracts some serious swells around the year. The waves break close to shore so these are heavy conditions, only to be surfed […]