CJ Nelson Guerrero | Is this the best longboard ever?

Last year, CJ Nelson put on one of the greatest longboard performances ever seen in competition on his newest model the CJ Nelson Guerrero. He won both the prestigious Duct Tape Invitational (DTI) and the Mexi Log Fest back to back on this surfboard. This model is now also available in Europe and ready to win over the hearts of the European surfers.


“This board has such a special place in my heart. The conception of this design and the back to back wins I quickly had on it, sorta closed a chapter in my life. A chapter that started the day I put down the bottle and decided to take my life back. Those were scary moments realizing that my career was gone and I had to start over. At that point, I could have never envisioned winning the Duct Tape Invitational and Mexi Log Fest, but with hard work and luck on my side, I did. It’s with great thanks and gratitude that I get to share with you my life’s greatest moment and the most complete longboard I have ever ridden, the Guerrero.” – CJ 

The Guerrero
CJ Nelson designed and conceptualised the Guerrero together with Dead Kooks’ founder, shaper and long time friend Eden Saul. Dead Kooks is based in Byron Bay, a surfer’s heaven on the coast of New South Wales, Australia. CJ asked Eden to build him a board after he got the invitation for the DTI. Eden built a few boards for CJ before, but for this board they went back to the drawing board. CJ took elements from a few of his favourite boards and putt it all in this magical board. One board that has it all, from turns to noserides.


“When it was all said and done, the magic Eden board and I came out on top. The moment I had worked and prayed for since my sobriety 6 years earlier. It was the sweetest feeling for so many reasons on so many levels. I had nothing left to prove to anyone and my families dreams for me were finally actualised. The most personal victory of my life.” – CJ

Available in Europe
CJ realised immediately how magical the board was and got to work with Eden to share the design with the world. Now, at the start of 2018 we are happy to announce it has arrived! CJ Nelson Designs surfboards first came to the market in 2016 and was an immediate success. After an European promotion tour last summer it, was clear how popular both CJ and his surfboards are in Europe. Various models like the Slasher, the Classic, and the Sprout are available in premium shops from Norway to Portugal and also online in this webshop.
About CJ Nelson Designs
CJ Nelson Designs are 100% hand layup premium surfboards designed by CJ Nelson in close collaboration with different shapers. Advanced materials and new technologies translate to exceptional strength and durability, while multi-component stringer systems control flex and twist characteristics that are specifically tuned for each model. Read more about the technology here.

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