Distance Between Dreams | Official Trailer

This winter was the most historic big wave surfing season, ever! During one of the rarest El Niños iconic big wave surfers band together and surf monstrous waves across the Pacific in ‘Distance Between Dreams’.


Distance Between Dreams the Movie

After seeing this trailer we just can’t wait till it airs on Redbull TV from the 19th till the 25th of December. I know what I’m asking for Christmas this year!


Brothers Ian, Saun, D.K. and luke walsh set out to tame the biggest beasts they can find. Hardcore training, the best equipment, and the best gear transforms them from Jet Ski assists back to paddle-in warriors. John John Florence is no stranger to surfing big waves, and together with Greg Long, Shane Dorian, and others he links up with the brothers through this emotional roller coaster.

Cast and Crew

  • Ian Walsh
  • Shane Dorian
  • DK Walsh
  • John John Florence
  • Greg Long
  • Shaun Walsh
  • Luke Walsh


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