The dolphin surfing in this video is completely free and hasn’t been harmed what so ever. Let me start by making that clear. Surfer Soli Bailey was just among the lucky few who had the pleasure to encounter a wild dolphin during one of his sessions.

Dolphin Surfing

Lately however, news has reached us that there are some places around the world where dolphins are being trained to catch waves with surf tourists. They say it makes for a nice picture or a good video. They also claim that the dolphins don’t suffer any harm from these activities and that the dolphins even seem to enjoy it. Although local authorities haven’t banned such activities yet, we feel the need to make you aware of this new trend. We don’t believe it’s natural for dolphins to be trained, let alone forced to swim with surfers. We have thought about naming these places but we don’t want to generate extra surf tourists to these places. We do want people to be aware of such a thing, so they can vent their opinions about this clear violation of animal rights. We have also notified the proper animal rights activists and they are very keen to look into it.

In the mean time we’ll keep spreading the love! Let us know how you feel about this recent development.

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