Drone Surfing Video Goes Viral | Fake or not?

This drone surfing video was brought to our attention but we have serious doubt whether it’s real or fake. You decide:

Drone Surfing

Just forget about if it’s real or not, but focus on the video itself. The guys from Freefly Systems managed to rock the internet and the surf industry with the new sport of Drone Surfing. Even if it is fake it is probably only a matter of time before this becomes reality. Perhaps only at remote locations because rules and legislation might prevent you from packing up your kite for good. And then there’s also the issue of battery life. Most critics say that drone surfing session will only last a couple of minutes at most. Also, these kind of drones are super ridiculous expensive. Only the Richard Bransons would be able to afford to surf these things. Probably from his private islands. So if you ask us, we’d say, just stick with the wind. Or better yet, just grab a surfboard an go surf!


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1 Response

  1. Patrick says:

    Drones have enough power to keep their (very light) bodies airborne. There is NO way a drone has enlugh thrust to exert the forces necessary to pull someone on a board as depicted in this video. Most of the camera work focuses on the boarder and we just see glimpses here and there if a (photoshopped) drone.

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