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Get on Board | Big barrelling waves are being ripped to pieces by one of the best surfers of the Netherlands. Protest Team Rider Roy van Eijk has the ambition to ride the big stuff. In his latest video production ‘Get on BOARD’ it’s obvious that he is serious about his ambitions in some epic barrels. This production is a collaboration between Surfbenelux and Under the Lighthouse

Get on BOARD with Roy van Eijk

I Love Surfing is ‘First In & Last Out’ and in between we bring you everything you really love about surfing.

It was 4 foot and offshore, a big storm front was approaching and some dolphins decided to join us. This is when we said: “This is the best thing ever, I Love Surfing”. So in between sets we started talking about an international surfing community to share our magic love for the ocean and the sport that draws us back to it again and again.  It was there and then that we decided to do just that, and that’s how I Love Surfing was formed while doing the very thing we love so much.

We hope to share our love with awesome videos and epic photos and everything else you might be interested in. So please enjoy watching and like, share and tag away! Feel free to post on our Facebook timeline or send us a message, because your movie should also be seen! And hey, it’s also your community!

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  1. 30 June 2017

    […] breakfast at the cosy guest kitchen. While everybody fills up with much needed vitamin coffee, coach Roy explains about the plan for the day. He’s been coming to this region for almost fifteen years […]

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