Hipsters and Longboarders | The rise of a new generation

Everywhere I look, I see hipsters in the surf scene. They’ve been around for a couple of years and mostly in the big cities. But now they’ve started to take to the water as well, and it makes sense. Hipsters started out as a subculture as a reaction against modern day society. Vintage clothing, tattoo’s, facial hair (mostly men), and a lot of thought goes into health, body and mind. Especially the last three apply to surfing as well. But when I watch progressive surfing, I hardly see the real hipsters. So where are they? And then it hit me while watching this video. Hipsters and longboarders, they’re the same thing.


Hipsters and Longboarders

Longboarding has been growing in popularity. To me it’s quite obvious it has to do with the hipsters and surfing becoming mainstream. A couple of years ago you would find a few hipsters here and there, mainly around hipster hotspots like Byron Bay, Australia. But now they seem to be everywhere. The same way like everybody’s a surfer these days. And what better way for a hipster to live the ultimate hipster life than to become a surfing hipster. You eat healthy, feel connected to mother nature, are in touch with your feelings, and care about stuff. But you can’t just be any kind of surfer. You have to have style, and be different than most. So the solution is longboarding, and thus a new generation rises. The hipster longboarder!

Hipster Longboarder Checklist

  1. You’ve got a hat
  2. You wear thick rimmed glasses
  3. Overly priced shoes
  4. One-gear-no-brakes-race-bike
  5. Old camera
  6. Classic Noserider
  7. Old school fish
  8. Poster of Rob Machado
  9. Collect rust on your car
  10. Surf without a leash
  11. Facial hair (for the men)
  12. Surf in a checkered shirt
  13. You recycle
  14. You  have tattoo’s
  15. Surf with your feet very close together

Martijn Ronday

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  1. cory says:

    man if being a hipster results in eventually surfing like that, sign me up. never shaving.

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