I Love Surfing Cornwall

Surfing Cornwall

Why do I love surfing Cornwall you may wonder? It may not be the first place to think of when you are looking for a surf adventure in Europe but the coastline of Cornwall has a lot to offer. Having surfed quite a few spots around the world, this first thing that I noticed in this far South-West part of England was its proper surf culture. It is not just the surfboards on pretty much every car you pass but also the vibe you get in these picturesque English seaside towns. The first time I visited Cornwall was during ‘hurricane swell season’ in October 2013. It is during this time of the year that hurricanes across the Atlantic ocean produce Cornwall’s best surfing conditions. The sun was out pretty much every day and temperatures still rose to about 21 degrees Celsius. I remember someone once told me that Cornwall has a sub-tropical climate but that made me laugh, as it probably makes you laugh now as well. To my surprise I actually found living palm trees and white sand blue water beaches all over the place.

Surfing Cornwall

Chasing Dreams

My reason for visiting Cornwall was a Lifeguard course at Harlyn Bay. It was during this course when Sarah and I first met. At the time Sarah had a career in HR and I had just finished a Sports Management degree. Sarah mentioned that she wanted to start her own Surf & Yoga business. Not too long after that a friend of mine and myself started a business of our own, World White Label, where we help others to achieve their dreams. So the idea arose for me to help Sarah chase her dream with her own Surf & Yoga business, called Ride On Retreats. In order to do so I decided to move to Cornwall.

perranporth surf school

Perranporth Surf School, Cornwall

Just Like New Zealand

Having lived there, I have really fallen in love with Cornwall. In so many ways it reminds me of the life I lived in New Zealand and Australia. When you drive along the coastal road from Padstow to St. Ives you literally pass one surf spot after the other. Every time the stunning cliff top roads drop into small towns, all with their own unique character, and then climbs back out again. The biggest differences though are the people that live there ad that it is just around the corner from the Netherlands. Quit recently the Cornish have officially been recognised as a national minority along with Scots, Welsh, and Irish. And rightfully so because they might be polite, as you would expect from the British, but they are also very laid-back and have their own sense of humour. Kernow, as Cornwall is called in the Cornish language, is also home of the delicious and famous pasties.

This is why I Love Surfing Cornwall.


Martijn Ronday

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