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Ah no worries mate you will never hit the bottom here. Yeah sure tell that to the sea urchin spikes stuck in my big toe. As my Australian mate continues to shred on the almost empty Moroccan point break, I start to head in with a sore foot and a healthy apatite for some couscous and a home cooked lamb tajine.

i love surfing morocco

Especially for all our I Love Surfing Morocco fans we arranged a 10% discount

I Love Surfing Morocco

It wasn’t the first time I went to Morocco for a surf trip but it was the first time I went by car. Our journey started in Plymouth (UK), where we took a ferry to Santander, Spain. From there we drove through Spain and Portugal in order to take the car ferry from Tarifa to Tangier. After some hassling at the border we got all our passports stamped and set off to the African Spirit surf villa in Bouznika.

Initially I felt quite nervous about driving in Morocco. I heard stories about crazy drivers, dangerous roads and corrupt police who would stop any foreign car to see if there was money to be made. To my relieve the (main) roads proved to be in great condition. Of course there were some crazy drivers, but being used to tourists in Amsterdam on bikes, this was like a walk in the park. During the three weeks we drove through Morocco we saw plenty of police and checkpoints, but it became clear to use that if you behave you have nothing to be worries about.

African Spirit

As we pulled up to the beach villa we were greeted by Tonta (silly in Spanish), the family dog. Shortly after Marcus and Sanaa invited us in their home. The kitchen already smelt amazing, The air was filled with Moroccan spices and our welcome meal was waiting for us. Immediately my Australian guru and I felt at home in this beautiful Moroccan house. During our delicious meal we got to know our hosts. Marcus and Sanaa will give you the real Moroccan experience. Sanaa’s family still lives a few doors down from the villa, and Marcus has transferred his obsessive knowledge from Cornwall to the local beaches, reefs and point breaks. With our bellies full we walked satisfied to the veranda. Overlooking the ocean we started to get stoked for what the morning session would bring.

i love surfing morocco

The villa view

Empty Line-ups

The next morning we met the biggest smile of Morocco, Kamal. Together with Marcus and Kamal we went for our first session. Having seen a couple of different breaks, we opted to go and surf a beach break. To my great surprise there was no-one out. My previous surf trip in Morocco was in Taghazout and that place was always packed no matter where you went. So you can understand our excitement as we entered the water. The sun was out, board shorts, glassy chest high waves and just the four of us. Not only are Marcus and Kamal our guides, but they also surf and give us tips on how to improve our surfing.

surfing morocco

Surf guide and teacher Kamal

Point Break

While I try to pull out the spikes of the sea urchin, I look back at the point that I just surfed. I can’t help to be amazed about the quality of the wave. This week has been one of the best weeks of surfing in my life. Not only were the waves amazing, but also the variety of spots and the lack of crowds make this my favorite surfing spot in Morocco. As the sun is setting I move up toward the point to sit on the warm rocks. A small stray kitten joins me. I give it some fresh water and I enjoy my first class view on a great wave with amazing surfers. I love surfing Morocco!

i love surfing morocco

the local point break

i love surfing morocco

Satisfied I return to sit on the rocks


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    […] sandbanks and with the big winds it didn’t produce that many spectacular waves. However, in Morocco it was a different ball game. Hercules produced days if not weeks of epic swell conditions. Chances […]

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