Icy Boat Trip with Mick Fanning and Mason Ho

Surfing waves that are created by falling ice that’s a thousand years old. Well that’s something you don’t get to do every day. Unless you’re Mick Fanning or Mason Ho and you’re on a search for waves on an icy boat trip in the frozen north.

Icy Boat Trip

We haven’t seen too much of Mick Fanning the last couple of years, other than his competitive beast mode, epic victories, a couple of world titles, a wrestling match with a shark, and a rollercoaster 2015. This year however, he decided to take some time for himself. As a result he found himself on an icy boat trip to the frozen north together with Mason Ho.

Mason might not be the first character, which he is, that comes to mind as a perfect travel buddy for Mick. But as we know, Mick can be quite the character himself. This video starts a bit slow, but after a couple of minutes I couldn’t help but being captivated. There’s a special chemistry between the two. Mason is constantly goofing around and seems to challenge Mick to step out of his competitive shell. At the same time Mick gets confronted by the beauty of his surroundings and gets emotional when he tries to take it all in.

Between the fun and games, which include surfing waves that are created by pieces of ice that are bigger than my house, there’s also business to be done. Comfortably packed in their Rip Curl wetsuits they find powerful waves. Mason takes it above the lip and mixes it up with a progressive style. And then there’s Mick. Normally you recognise him by his hair, but now that’s neatly covered by rubber. Still, it is no problem at all to recognise the three time world champ. As a cold water surfer myself, I can’t understand how he surfs so lightning fast in that thick wetsuit.

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7 Responses

  1. Lisa Gayle says:

    I could see the waves when we the glacier would break off, when we were in Glacier Bay, on Norwegian Cruise, Alaska, Just beautiful.

  2. Lisa Gayle says:

    When the Glacier breaks off there’s a nice wave. Just beautiful.

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