Keeping On | A short movie about lost surfer Laurie Towner

The other week we got a message from film maker Caleb Graham. Caleb said he made a no-budget surf film that gives an insight into Laurie Towner’s transition from professional free surfer and big wave surfer into working class family man. How’s life looking for the bloke in 2017? Have a look at Keeping On.


Keeping On

The movie itself started as a little side project for Laurie and Caleb. To show what sort of waves Laurie typically surfs at home. After a while it transformed more into a rounded snapshot of Loz’s life. The film is made with a contribution of additional footage by non other than Kendall O’Brien, Tim Bonython, and Chris Bryan.

Laurie Towner

Most people will know Laurie as a decorated big wave surfer. He grew up as one of Australia’s wonder groms. Growing up amongst the generation of Julian Wilson he managed to get the occasional win in the junior series and a fifth overall best finish. His full-time career most of all took off in the big stuff. He won multiple Big Wave awards. How about this one during the code red swell:

…he grabbed wave of the day at Shipstern’s above none other than Andy Irons, and rode one of the longest ever Backdoor waves at the age of 18.

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In 2014 (at the age of 27) with a baby girl on the way his main sponsor Billabong dropped his sponsorship, and all the sudden he had to search for new ways to earn a living. From this point on it gets a bit silent around the man. Right up to the point of this short film. It is impressive to watch, we must say.

More stuff by Caleb Graham.

keeping on

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