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As you read this, I am making my final preparations for our 2019 surf trip through Europe. Starting January, you can follow our Journey on this website, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. We’ll bring you tutorials, reviews, tips & tricks, and much more surf related content. Everything you see is real but as I perceive the world of surfing. My hope is that you’ll be informed and entertained with the content we create for you. First though, I feel I should share with you my story.


My Story

My name is Martijn Ronday (pronounced as mart-eye-n, but you can just call me Ronday) and I love surfing. A couple of years ago I decided to share my passion for surfing through a community and of course named it I Love Surfing. Over the past 5 years I shared with you how I view the world of surfing. I wrote about stories that inspired me and shared photos and videos that made me laugh or that amazed me. Now, I want to share with you all my knowledge about surfing. I’ll do this through tutorials, reviews and vlogs on this Youtube channel and I’ll do this during our 2019 surf trip that runs from the most Southern surf spot in Europe to the most Northern surf spot in Europe. What you see is what you get. A genuinely stoked and down to earth surfer from the Netherlands who just wants to share. Subscribe if you want to stay updated. Stay tuned and stay stoked. See you out there! Yeew.

my story

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