No Locals | A film that some surfers tried to boycott

One brave filmmaker from Italy named Enrico Di Pietro dared to make a short film about a subject in surfing everybody gets to deal with at some point, localism. He even got threatened with a lawsuit by one of the surfers that was in the original cut. Let’s see what you think of ‘No Locals’:


No Locals

After a short scene, of what appears to be a fight between surfers, a definition about ‘locals only’ is given. According to the Enrico it’s a term used by local assholes, especially at beaches, who show hostility towards anyone who is not from the specific area. You don’t have to be a tourist from out of state to experience this, you could live in the next town over. Local elitists love to ruin your fun.

no locals

This is a pretty heavy statement, and we don’t necessarily agree with it, but we do experience our fair share of localism around the world. We believe there should be a healthy respect towards locals. That’s a part of surfing. But where respect is given, respect should be received. However, that’s not really the discussion we want to have here. The concept of ‘No Locals’ is a refreshing one, and the video that goes with it is something a lot of us can relate to. Let’s face it were not all John Johns or Medinas, and that’s where this film is honest. Also, it’s about more than just surfing.

Enrico Di Pietro

Enrico is a freelance filmmaker and decided to make this film as a message against localism in surfing.

The parallel activities are to show that surfing is something that brings people together instead of hostility.

Enrico tells us that he had quite a few problems with local surfers who tried to boycott the film, that he started filming in October 2015. So he decided to not give any information about the surf spots.

All the surfers in the video are part of a group of surfers who call themselves the Auroras since 2002. They are from Lido Aurora in Italy, and have all given their consent to be in this film.

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