No plastic bottles for this surf camp

No more plastic bottles. Ripstar and Surfrider Foundation Europe start a collaboration to dramatically reduce plastic by banning plastic bottles as of this season. With several camps along the French coastline this Dutch owned surf camp hopes to save about 15.000 plastic bottles this season alone.

plastic bottle

Photo: Surfrider Australia/Daniel Fryer

Plastic Bottles Ban?

The sea, our playground, fills up with 6.5 million tonnes of waste every year. The beaches are full of litter, washed ashore and left behind. It forms a danger to wildlife in and around the sea and for general public. Different types of plastics take over 100 years to degrade and this directly affects our food chain, but Ripstar decided to do something about it.

The idea that water must come from plastic bottles is persistent in the French camp culture. During a typical season hundreds of plastic bottles are provided in the camps with a lot of plastic waste as a result. Ripstar decided to change this dependency and provide an alternative. In the upcoming 2017 summer season they will NOT sell plastic water bottles in their surf camps. Instead, clients can buy an aluminium bottle, which they can use to fill from a freshly filtered water supply. For every bottle sold €1,00 gets donated to the Surfrider Foundation.

This initiative fits perfectly with the “Rise Above Plastic‘ campaign from Surfrider Foundation. Together they will continue with beach cleaning and will try to create awareness through educational programs for all guests concerning plastic consumption. Collectively we will be able to work for a future. A future in which we are not only enjoying nature but also take responsibility for its preservation

One Piece a Day

Check out this simple but effective initiative you can start doing today!

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