North of the Sun | A surf movie that brought us to tears

With some anticipation we wait for the theatre to go dark. Our host Ties introduces the two main features with great care and enthusiasm, North of the Sun, and This Time Tomorrow. It is the second time Nouvague presented this event in the Netherlands. Both times sold out within days. The first 60 minutes are simply amazing. Stunning cinematography combined with a refreshingly honest story about a couple of friend who spend nine months in an isolated and uninhabited bay of Northern-Norway.


North of the Sun

Inge Wegge (25) and Jørn Ranum (22) spend nine months facing nothing but the vast Atlantic Ocean. To survive the harsh conditions they decide to build a cabin out of driftwood and other washed op materials. The food they eat is expired food that stores would otherwise throw away. Because of Winter the days get shorter and shorter, and in the end the Sun doesn’t even reach the bay anymore. Still they go out and surf. The surfing isn’t the highest level of surfing, but that doesn’t matter whatsoever. The film takes you on and adventure, and makes you think about a couple of thinks. Let’s not try and describe it too much, but let you be the judge of things.

One thing we will say though, is the contrast with the second film ‘The Time Tomorrow’. In this one Dave Rastovich and Craig Anderson follow a big storm to surf it as it comes ashore in different countries. The surf is awesome and especially Dave performs really well. Craig is wining about how tired he is most of the times, and we get to see him surf about two waves during the whole movie. Great shots from all over the world, but this super commercial big budget surf movie doesn’t even begin to compare to North of the Sun.

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