How I spilled coffee after a Google Search

It was a morning like any other. Got up, made some coffee and started browsing the internet to see what I missed out on. On a local news site I watch a video of a shark that bites a GoPro camera. Because of this, I decide to google ‘shark go pro’. I click on the first video and take a zip of my delicious coffee. Shark video + coffee = spilled coffee. I should have known better.


Spilled Coffee

The video is from Johan Potgieter. He shot it somewhere off Cape Town in South Africa while spearfishing. It’s from 2015 but was recently added to the GoPro Awards. I don’t want to spoil the video for you but it frightened me big time. My trousers are still dripping with coffee as I write this. The last time a shark video got me out of my chair was the encounter of Mick Fanning, and the time before that the first Jaws movie.

Johan Potgieter

In the original video’s description Johan writes:

He seemed not to like my defensive prod too much. It sped off, made a sharp turn, dropped his pectoral fins (very aggressive behaviour), made a sharp 180-degree turn and came straight for me. At this point the situation turned from a close encounter to life threatening. The shark was clearly now in attack mode

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