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The other day something was brought to our attention and it touched us. A small gesture by a group of surfers, but it had a big impact on the lives of these kids. This proves once more that surfers are connected in a way that’s unlike any other sport. It also shows us that it doesn’t always have to be something big you do. This started with a simple Facebook post at Safari Surfboards in Durban, South Africa. What followed is simply amazing. Spread the love guys.

surf fire

Spread the Love

Safari Surf is the home of legendary shaper Spider Murphy. On their Facebook page a message appeared about a fire in Trafalgar surf school. The fire destroyed the surf school and everything with it. 30 kids from rural areas were devastated. So Spider called upon the surf community for help:

If anyone has boards to donate, drop off at Safari Surfboards. Guys going down over the next two weeks for urgent support to get them back on their feet again.

That was enough for the surf community of Durban to spring into action.

spread the love

Spider Murphy in his shop

Back in the water

With help of the surf community the kids of this surf school are now back into the water.

trafalgar surf school

A word of Grant Gilmour, one of the volunteers:

These kids are from Trafalgar surf school, they kept there boards in a locker at the beach. There locker was burnt down and all there boards and wetsuits were destroyed and the story goes that it was done by someone that doesn’t want them coming to the beach. It was time to get these kids back in the water so we started a collection on our longboard group. I want to thank everyone that was involved and everyone that donated boards and suits. I came down the coast with 16 boards and wetsuits and the kids are back in the water. Just had a surf with them and they are ripping and more stoked than you can imagine.

And also a big thank you from Natasha Whittaker:

So stoked to see the guys all come together to donate and share the stoke for the Trafalgar Surf School that burnt down. We spread the word through our surfing community, collected all the secondhand surfboards, wetsuits, fins and gear that you guys all kindly dropped off at our collection points and we loaded up Grants cab. So that this morning all the groms at Trafalgar with Philani can get back in the water. There’s even a storage garage that one of the ladies in the area has offered and she will be their librarian. And one of the guys from the community who works at our Safari Surf factory says when he goes home on the weekends he is keen to help them with their ding repairs. Well done everyone involved for being so awesome and for paying it forward.
Sharing the stoke ♡

We will keep sharing the stoke

And a personal thank you to Gijs Hardeman for pointing out this amazing story.

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