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Surf guides are awesome but they lack one important thing; LOVE. Just think about it. They are great for telling you where the best performance waves are. Page after page with information about the best spots and photos of perfect waves. But lets be realistic, when did you ever surf those epic conditions? Yes, surf guides are very useful but what they all neglect to capture is the love for the ocean, love for the people that live their lives at the seaside and for the travellers who feel compelled to return to it time and time again. I Love the Seaside however, is the first surf and travel guide that manages to connect travellers and surfers with like-minded people and locals, and inspires you to explore more.

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Photo: ILoveTheSeaside

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Photo: Melchior van Nigtevecht

I Love the Seaside is a 250-page surf and travel guide to Southwest Europe created by a small team of ocean-loving professionals. Writers, photographers and designers passionate about travelling and surfing. More than just surfing it also connects you by leading you to the nicest places to hang out and stuff to do. Even nice to read before you head out on your trip and before you know the forcast because I Love the Seaside captures the vibe, the atmosphere, the character, in short the LOVE of all these places.

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Photo: Ananda van Welij

surf and travel guide

Photo: ILoveTheSeaside

Why crowdfunding?

We love to be independent, free to choose and share the lifestyle of acting honestly, purely and with the heart. Staying true to this, we love to support the small and local businesses. That’s why we chose to do everything ourselves; from collecting and connecting, to printing and publishing.

You can get involved by pre-ordering your surf and travel guide through this legitimate crowdfunding campaign and take advantage of some awesome packages (including complete surf trips). Use the link below 

Surf and Travel Guide

  • Maps
  • Detailed and clear description of surf breaks for all levels
  • Beautiful and inspiring photos
  • To-dos (yoga, SUP tours, wine tasting, food, fun & adventure etc.)
  • Accommodation for all budgets
  • Surf schools, repair and rental
  • Interviews with local shapers, entrepreneurs and artists
  • Background stories on seaside and surf history
  • Local food, facts and recipes
  • Surf fitness tips and tricks, yoga related pracitce





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