Surf coaching week with pro surfer Roy van Eijk

My stomach is full with delicious home cooked food as we gather around the laptop of Roy van Eijk. Some of us enjoy a beer, while others have a nice hot beverage. We had a couple of fulfilling surfs today and are eager to see the footage. At first, it’s a bit weird to watch and break down your surfing with a room full of other people. Coach Roy however, does an amazing job at making you feel comfortable with it. His surf coaching is spot on.

surf coaching

Surf coaching by Roy van Eijk. Photo: Sophia Steevensz

Surf Coaching

Normally we watch the video analysis in the living room on the big screen, but some other guests are watching a movie. We don’t mind. We’re easy. People say surfing is something you have to learn on your own. It’s true that most of us do just that and teach themselves quite well. But to be honest, most of us get stuck at a certain level and never really progress. Some of us might not even want to. If you do though, I can highly recommend to get some surf coaching. Just have a look at the video below.


A typical day

Our home spot for this coach week is Labenne Océan in France. We stay at Board ‘n Breakfast to be exact. Our day starts with a fresh and healthy breakfast at the cosy guest kitchen. While everybody fills up with much needed vitamin coffee, coach Roy explains about the plan for the day. He’s been coming to this region for almost fifteen years and knows the spots like the back of his hand. Where to go on what tide, takes into account the swell and wind direction, but also thinks about the surf level of the group. This way he makes sure everybody gets the chance to catch waves and actually improve. This also means avoiding the crowds. We leave in fifteen minutes. This gives me the chance to pack my lunch and gather all my gear.

Our first surf check brings us to San Sebastian. The swell is too big for most spots in the Landes region, so we hope to catch some waves in the protected bay of this beautiful city just on the other side of the border in Spain. Plus side is we get to eat some pintxos even if there’s no surf. Here’s how that went ->


For all levels

As you can see in the video, none of us are amazing surfer, but that doesn’t matter. We all enjoy ourselves and want to improve our surfing. That’s what makes this week so great. It’s for all levels, we have a lot of fun, get to surf a bunch, and end up with a ton of footage of ourselves. And let’s be honest here, only a very few of us actually have good footage of themselves. In this case we have our trusty photographer Sophia to thank for that!

martijn ronday

Photo: Sophia Steevensz

Just before I enter the water Roy tells me what I should work on. The night before we analysed it thoroughly so these are just some reminders. In the water Roy helps out with my positioning, and gives me feedback on the waves I surf. With a degree in Sports Management, I learned a lot about coaching. Roy ticks all the boxes but he’s a natural. He knows exactly how to tell you what you should improve without making it sound like you’re a shitty surfer. He’s got a very positive attitude and that works infectious. Above that, Roy also knows how to break down the technical stuff and translates this into an understandable language. During the week the atmosphere gets better and better within the group. At the end we’re all stoked about our improvements, but also for our fellow surfers.


The area we’re in is among Europe’s finest surfing destinations. Everything here breathes surfing and the level of surfing is very high. It’s not without reason Hossegor is a stop on the World Tour. The coastline is straight, but the differences between the spots can still be huge. So this means you have to drive around a little bit to find a spot that works for you. The plus side from that is, most times you can find an uncrowded spot with solid waves. Even in the off-season there’s plenty to do in the area and that makes it one of my favourite surf destinations in Europe. I’ve put together some tips about Hossegor here ->


More surf coaching weeks at Board n Breakfast

Before, I called Board n Breakfast ‘a home away from home’, and I truly feel this way, but it is also an ideal location for these surf coaching weeks. Accommodation is included, breakfast and lunch are included, and you get a home cooked meal three times during your stay. The other nights you can do your own cooking or go out for diner. Altogether it really makes me want to do one of these weeks every year.

At this moment there two weeks left this year for you to join. But make sure you keep an eye out for their event page for new surf coaching weeks with Roy van Eijk and other coaches.


Last spots available for

5 -12 August with Lars Musschoot &
21 – 28 October with Lars Musschoot

Roy wasn’t always right!

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  1. 12 June 2017

    […] The Hossegor region is famous for its waves. In the water I notice real power in the waves even though they’re only waist high. Reason for that is the bottom contour. It stays deep till quite close to shore. This allows the waves to hold their energy all the way till they stand up at the beach. Weirdly enough, I feel uncomfortable surfing here all by myself. The place has got a special kind of energy to it. I wonder how I’ll manage when the swell’s bigger. Will I get barrelled? My hopes for this trip are higher because of an upcoming week of surf coaching. […]

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