Surf selfie gone wrong | Why you should always have your eyes on the waves

Paul Wiens was on a beach in Maui and decided to capture the moment by shooting a surf selfie. However, it didn’t quite went the way he expected it would go.


Surf selfie

Let this video be a useful lesson to all. Never turn your back on the ocean 🙂 As surfers we know this but all to well. You’re chatting with your mates or that cute girl in the lineup, when all of the sudden there’s this massive cleanup set coming through. Frustration all over during the next 100 duckdives.

Here’s another incident involving an unexpected approaching lip, but because the surfer keeps looking, he decides to bail to safety at the last second. Truth be told, the surfer in the video is me, and I wasn’t very experienced assessing an incoming wave yet. But like my guru told me, I kept looking.

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