Surfer saves man who jumps from pier Huntington Beach

A fully clothed man jumped off the Huntington Beach pier, but luckily a surfer saves him and is taken to shore by lifeguards


Surfer saves man

Us ocean lovers know but all too well how dangerous it can be in the water. Unfortunately, not everybody seems to realise this. This bystander filmed as the bobbing man in the ocean, with his shirt, pants and shoes still on, laughed along with friends looking down at him from the Huntington Beach Pier. But when he tried to swim to shore it proved more difficult than he thought. Despite the ocean appearing peaceful, the man quickly realised he wasn’t going anywhere as he tried to swim. His chuckles quieted as he waded in the water, helpless.

Luckily, an unidentified surfer paddling by realised the man was struggling. The video shows the surfer paddle over to him. The pier jumper then grabs onto the surfer’s neck, scrambling to get on his rescuer’s board. In the end lifeguards took over as the pair got closer to the shoreline.


surfer saves man

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