Surfing babies seems to be trending lately and now we found a surfing baby in Hawaii. Father, Sergio Lima, from Island Style Surf School started surfing with his daughter when she was just four months old. Well actually she already started surfing when she was still in the womb because her mother surfed until she was 38 weeks pregnant.

Practicing her first cross steps. Photo: Caters News / Sergio Lima

Surfing Baby in Hawaii

Sure we could discuss safety issues here but really who are we to judge? Pretty much everything we do with our children could potentially be dangerous. And even more importantly these warm and loving parent show us how happy Hadassah is.

Even when I was pregnant Hadassah loved it. It was the only time she actually was still and at peace in the belly.

Photo: Caters News / Sergio Lima

Being a father has been the best experience in my life so far and I can’t wait to learn and grow with my daughter

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