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From one of the most unlikely places in the world come some of the most beautiful and interesting surf paintings. Some of them are considered TOO SPICY for Facebook. What do you think? Here is our top 10 surf paintings by ‘SurfArt’ from the Netherlands.

10 The Van

van painting

The Van by SurfArt

9 Duck Dive Blue

surf painting

Duck Dive Blue by SurfArt

Nothing too spicy so far. Facebook will allow it.

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8 California Dreaming

Top 10 surf paintings

California dreaming by SurfArt

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7 Alana

top 10 surf paintings

Alany by SurfArt

Still in the clear with Alana’s rear (great rhyme), but it’s about to heat up!

6 Duck Dive

surf painting

Duck Dive by SurfArt

A bit more skin showing here.

5 Carissa

Carissa by SurfArt

No nudity here, but come on! We can’t deny Carissa a spot in the top 5! How good is the resemblance by the way?!

About the artist

Before we continue with the final four let me first tell you a bit about the artist behind these paintings. Marieke Meijs was born in 1979 and the youngest of five children. Shew grew up in a small village in the middle of the Netherlands. About 17 years ago she moved to a slightly bigger village in the North. People who know Leeuwarden might get a bit upset here because they argue it’s a city. It’s all relative right?

Although Leeuwarden hasn’t got a beach Marieke still got familiar with the surf scene and became very passionate about the surf lifestyle. This reflects in her work as an artist.

For me there are a lot of similarities between surfing and painting. For example the feeling of complete freedom I experience when I am out in the ocean catching waves. I get the same feeling when I am working on a piece.

Marieke also says that it’s important to her art doesn’t loose its authenticity. That’s why there is no mass production and everything is handcrafted with love and care. Here paintings are a starting point that sometimes venture off into other creations.

Feel good products that I would like to have myself, created with materials that make me feel good. And hopefully you will feel the same.

All the work featured in this ‘Top 10 Surf Paintings’ are for sale. If you are interested in these paintings, or other creations by SurfArt, have a look at her lovely WEBSITE.

4 Easter Island

easter island painting

Easter Island by SurfArt

Big shock this one for Facebook! None of the statues are wearing any clothes at all, just a couple of surfboards. Great one Marieke!

3 Waxing Girl

sexy painting

Waxing Girl by SurfArt

This is the one that caught our attention, because this one was actually banned from Facebook because it was too spicy. Perhaps it’s a compliment to SurfArt and her ability to catch the female forms in a way that the automatic recognition software has a proper meltdown. What do you think should this be allowed on Facebook or not?

2 Dreaming by the Sea

surf painting

Dreaming by the Sea by SurfArt

Hooray the first actual bit of nude! Okay just a little bit of it, but just enough to get reported on Facebook. And with this one we can sort of agree looking at the community guidelines. See the details here? Right, dirty feet! That’s how surfers rock and you know it.

1 Hula Girl

hula girl painting

Hula Girl by SurfArt

Full frontal nudity. Quite different than the wobbly hula girls on the dashboard of your cars I imagine. Very subtle and tasteful painting if you ask me and a great addition to any surf shack. Just not on Facebook.

Buy these and other paintings here =>

This concludes our Top 10 Surf Paintings but here’s two more that almost made it!


panorama surf

Ocean View by SurfArt

bulli painting

Green Van by SurfArt

SUP painting

Destiny by SurfArt

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