Untracked Film Festival 2017 | Exclusive Full Length Adventure Movies

Calling all adventurers to this year’s Untracked Film Festival on the 06th of October in Amsterdam. With over 10 years of experience Dutch snow, surf and adventure enthusiast, Ananda van Welij, felt it was time for a film festival that feels like an experience on it’s own. As close to the action as you can get. Feel the adrenaline, watch in awe, be amazed, and share the stoke for the adventures Mother Nature provides.

untracked film festival

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Untracked Film Festival

The idea for this film festival came when Ananda got tired of the over commercialised festivals.

Most of the times you don’t get to see full feature films and you’re back out before you know it. I want a whole evening you experience and celebrate with friends and other adventurers. Not just surf, or just snow, but a mix of different sports and passions. You can even bring a beer into the theatre and win awesome prices haha.

The Untracked Film Festival is also a place where you can meet your fellow adventurers, check out the newest gear, and win amazing prices.

Date: 06 October 2017 doors open at 18.00.

Tickets: €15,- for the whole evening. Buy here

Location: Theatre de Meervaart in Amsterdam.

Official festival website: untrackedfestival.com

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Movies of the festival

Under an Arctic Sky – Exclusive Screening

Chris Burkard is one of the most famour (surf) photographers. During Winter he and six friend search for waves in the most remote areas of Iceland. Just a couple of hours of daylight and the most severe storm in 25 years make cause for an epic movie. This is the only screening outside of the official tour.


In Gora – Special Premiere

A group of snow fanatics embark upon a journey of 6000 kilometres through 13 countries to ride the best tracks, have fun, and talk about environmental issues. All on board of an old American school bus turned into a moving hostel.



A film by Patagonia that tells the stories of all kinds of people who dedicate their lives to the sea in different ways.


Keep an eye out on the event page of the Untracked Film Festival for news about new and exclusive features.

Ananda van Welij

Ananda has a lot of experience in organising film festivals. For years she made sure the IF3 Festival in the Netherlands was sold out. She also contributed for over five years to the Montreal editions of this particular festival. She started the Untracked festival because she believes it lacks of a festival where you can truly be inspired. Experience the evening with your friends, rather than just visit. But why Ananda? Why do you do this?

Maybe this sounds a bit dorky, but I was like this since I was a child. I love it and see it as a privilege to share my passions with other people. I want to transfer the happiness my adventures give me to others, but also help the film makers with a platform for them to show their work. It makes me smile just thinking about it.

Ananda van Welij adventuring and working

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