Van Dieman’s Land | Waters around Tasmania

A nice video from Nicholas Daman about the waters around Tasmania, which they call Van Dieman’s Land. It starts quit poetic:

On a small island south lies a bay, on this island the green hills roll down from the mountains and out into the sea. Small boulders feather out from these hills and into the ocean to meet a sand bottom. For when a deep low arrives it supplies the mountain tops with a dusting of snow and lines to feather and wrap into these boulder lined points


Van Dieman’s Land

Is the name Europeans used for the Island which we now know as Tasmania, an island state of Australia. The name was given by Dutch explorer Abel Tasman. First of all he names it Anthoonij van Diemenslandt after discovering it in 1642. Well discovering it as first European, because a few others probably seen it before he did. Finally, in 1856 Van Dieman’s Land changed to Tasmania and thus honouring Abel Tasman.


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  1. reno concordia says:

    what a load of misleading hype…..expect in excess of 150 on these breaks, which are within 20 mins of the cbd and break rarely….this is simply dishonest

  2. I Love Surfing says:

    That’s too bad Reno. Is this the same spot you’re talking about with crowds of 150?

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