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At a travel convention in the Netherlands, something caught my eye. I was there to be inspired for new surf destinations around the world but fell in love with a campervan of Wild Campers instead.

wild campers

Love at first sight

For those of you who spent some time in Australia or New Zealand and done a road trip, know how great life on the road can be. Or perhaps you’ve been on a road trip somewhere else around the world, and experienced van life first hand. In Europe however, it’s an adventure less embarked upon by travellers. But I feel that’s about to change. Increasingly more often I see campervan companies, especially in the South of Europe, offering their services to surf travellers. However, for me there’s one company that stands out above the rest.

Apart from a fleet of regular campervans and motorhomes, Wild Campers also have a collection of custom spray painted campervans. One of them called ‘The Surfdude’ (but we call him the Dude) was on display at the travel convention and it was love at first sight.

Wild Campers

This company is situated right in the heart of the Netherlands and was founded by a young Dutchman after he came back from his travels in Australia and New Zealand. Now, Guillaume Vogelzang wants you to explore the world in a campervan.

After my year abroad I came back home and had to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I already knew that going back to school wasn’t an option for me, so I decided to buy my first campervan with every last penny I had. In the back of the warehouse of my father, I fixed it up in the evenings after I finished work. After a while, I bought my second and soon after I quit my daytime job to start working for myself full-time.

wild campers rental

Wild Campers Head Quarters in Staphorst

Since 2013 Guillaume managed to successfully expand his business. He now owns nine custom campervans, a number of motorhomes, and also sells second hand vehicles.

At Wild Campers you can rent two different types. Both are of high quality and very well maintained. Our retro series definitely are eye catchers. For some it might remind them of some of the campervans they’ve seen in Australia or New Zealand, but you can’t compare them. Our vans are professionally painted by an artist, the insides are newly installed, and all technical components of the vans are well taken care of. On the road you enjoy everybody looking at your car, but at night you enjoy all luxuries you expect from a van like this.

All-In means All-In!

All campervans are completely stripped and checked. After that a specialised company rebuilds the interior. Finally, an artist gives them an unique design, or the van gets a new layer of paint if needed.

It took us a few years before we found the perfect set-up for these vans, but we feel we have perfected it now. Basically, you get a new and unique van.

And they are unique. Not only do they look nice, and are a great drive, they also deliver what you expect from campervan. Enough storage space, a comfortable and large two-size bed, cosy living space, and all the utilities you need.

The best thing for me though are the all-in prices. No hidden or unexpected surprises. The only thing you need to pay yourself is the petrol and your WiFi usage. YES, they even have Europe wide WiFi coverage on board. Other stuff that’s included:

  • All risk insurance
  • 24/7 road assist service in Europe, including replacement vehicle if needed
  • Extra drivers at no extra charge
  • Collect your camper the evening before your trip, if it’s available
  • Complete inventory (bring your own sheets and towels)
  • From 7 days rental, free mileage
  • Pick up and return at any day of the week
  • No fixed rental times
  • Free parking for your car during your trip


Read a blog about our trip with the Dude here.

 A passion to share the stoke

For the future Guillaume hopes to continue his business with a separation of both kinds of campervans.

I really love to share the campervan experience with others. Right now people can come in and rent one of my retro models. After a couple of times they maybe want to rent one of the standard models. Eventually, some might even want to buy an own vehicle. I love to see and guide that whole process. That’s why I started the business basically. To share my stoke for this way of travelling.

As I talk with Guillaume I can tell this is what makes him tick. His passion for campervans I believe is what makes him different to most other companies out there. You get real quality and attention as a customer. It’s almost as if you’re driving your own van when travelling in one. And that, for me, adds something extra to the Wilde Campers experience.

Watch a video of another Wild Camper enthusiast 






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