Wim Hof Breathing Exercise | A technique that made Kelly pass out

Today I went for a nice little ICE bath as part of a Wim Hof breathing exercise. I want to know if these exercises can benefit my surfing.

To be continued

It’s too early to tell after this first clinic, but I definitely think there’s a lot of power in these techniques as you can clearly tell from the video as well. I’m keen to find out more about this and next time I want to do the same exercise that made Kelly pass out. Not that it is my aim to pass out as well, but I want to experience the extreme effects of the training.

Wim Hof breathing exercise

Wim Hof, also known as “The Iceman” is a Dutch guy and holds several “cold records”. He developed a (breathing) method that allows people to withstand cold. His three pillars are Cold Therapy, Breathing, and commitment. He’s world famous now and professional surfers like Kelly Slater and Laird Hamilton practice his techniques. And if these two legends think it’s beneficial, who are we doubt the effects?

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