World Title Race | Who can still win it?

After crowning Carissa Moore as World Champion it’s time to take a look at the six contenders who can still win the men’s world title race of the World Surf League Championship Tour 2015. Most of us out there will have a favorite surfer by now or maybe you have just picked a country and you’ll just see what happens. But no matter which choice you’ve made, nobody could have scripted this. Or are we ready to accept some conspiracy theories about the WSL staging all of this. Well, I am not convinced but it is a bit suspicious that their main message is: “you can’t script this”. Anyway let’s not get into this and just look at who could still win the world title race.

World Title Race

Julian Wilson:
Basically Julian will need to win the event to have a shot at the world title. Besides that Filipe, Mick and Adriano will have to finish 13th or lower and Medina 9th or lower.

Owen Wright:
Owen has the same scenario as Julian.

Gabriel Medina:
If Gaby were to win the Pipe masters he would only successfully defend his World Title if both Mick an Adriano finishes 5th or lower and if Filipe finishes 9th or lower.

Adriano de Souza:
Adriano has a straight shot at the title is he wins or becomes second at the Pipe masters. His main objective is to finish in front of both Mick and Filipe.

In pretty much every scenario in which he finishes in front of Mick and Adriano, Filipe will become World Champion.

With six contenders there really are too many possibilities to lay out for you but if you are super keen to see which scenario’s are possible, I would suggest going to this page.

Obviously Mick has the best chances to win another World Title. If he finishes above Filipe and Adriano he will become world champion as long as he doesn’t finishes 13th or lower and Owen or Julian wins it. He is Australia’s best.

Now quickly off to bed and hope for pumping surf in the morning.

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