We often get asked: “What are the biggest waves?”, or “What’s the gnarliest wave out there?”. Truth be told, it’s all a matter of perspective. It depends who you ask. Some waves are deadlier, but also far more consistent or get surfed by a lot more people. Some waves are so remote and ‘secret’ that we probably haven’t seen them ridden on the biggest swells yet. But what we can tell for sure is that all of these waves are mother nature at its finest. Surfing has evolved, our equipment has evolved, but the waves are still the same, and probably always will. So with no further ado, we bring you the 10 biggest waves in random order, or better said just 10 kick ass these waves scare me shitless videos.

10. The Wedge | California | “Worlds Biggest Shorebreak”


9. Pipeline | Hawaii | “The Killer Wave”


8. Mullaghmore Head | Ireland | “The Secret Spot”


7. Cortes Bank | California | “The Big California”


6. Shipstern-Bluff | Tasmania | “The Most Beautiful”


5. Belharra | France | “The Myth”


4. Nazare | Portugal | “The New Spot”


3. Maverick’s | California | “The Most Dangerous”


2. Teahupoo | Tahiti | “The Perfect Wave”


1. Jaws | Hawaii Peahi | “The Mother of All Waves


Biggest Waves

This year we witnessed some pretty serious swells and experts say we aren’t done yet because the weather is a bit off due to a strong El Niño season. Probably the strongest one yet.

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