The Accord an Icelandic Surf Film

the accord an icelandic surf film

The Accord is a film about the turbulent relationship between Iceland’s surfers and the North Atlantic wind. Starring Iceland’s first pro surfer Eliasson. The Accord The Accord is presented by Icelandic 66North and produced by Tributaries Digital Media and will premier at the  Telluride Film Festival at the end of May. A festival that takes place […]

I Love Surfing Guethary

i love surfing guethary

Basque country is one of Europe’s surfing hotspots. There’s no real secret about that. I just love being there. The food, the people, the waves, just pure enjoyment. And if you don’t mind getting your longboard out in big waves, you will love surfing Guethary too. Photo: I Love Surfing / Annemat Surfing Guethary A […]

Freezing Surf Comedy | Funny Surf Trip

i love surfing guethary

A cold water surf trip with classic British humour. Two frothing surf friends set off on a journey to find a mythical wave in the freezing surf of the Icelandic waters. A treat for everyone who has been on a surf trip. We probably all recognize bits and pieces of it from our own experiences […]

Sailing Surfer Andries Bik is Living the Dream

Sailing Surfer Andries Bik is Living the Dream

Andries Bik is a sailing surfer, or is it the other way around? I forgot, but he is living the dream. Follow his adventures here on I Love Surfing, because in the near future we will give away a sail trip with Andries at the Canary Islands. Here’s what Andries has to say about that. […]

Shark Attack Survivor Becomes Olympic Hero

Sean Pollard is 26 years old and lost both arms after a gruesome encounter with not one, but two great whites in 2014. Now, this shark attack survivor is competing at the Olympic games in PyeongChang, South Korea, next month. The Attack Sean was surfing in Western Australia when the attack happened. Both my arms […]