“The energy and the excitement about the place just keeps building”, says Dutch pro surfer Yannick de Jager. As part of a new campaign KLM Surf takes us to different surf and travel destinations.
In this video about Indonesia Yannick talks about what this place means to him and what makes Indo special. Yannick believes that Indonesia was made for surfing. We don’t know if he’s right about that, but sure has a point. For everyone who has been to Indonesia will be taken back immediately as soon as the video starts. It really captures the atmosphere perfectly.

In the end it still is a commercial for KLM Surf, but it is a really good one. And quite honestly it must be because there are a lot of Arabic ‘price fighters’ who are doing a far better job at taking surfers around the world as cheap as possible. Most surfers still can’t afford the luxury prices.

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