Local surfers put up fake signs to keep other surfers away in New Zealand. How far would you go?


Localism is a real challenge when you’re surfing a new unfamiliar spot and it might be getting only worse with the increasing popularity of surfing. We see the signs ‘locals only’ all over the world, but some surfers in New Zealand went to the next level. They made fake signs to keep other surfers away. According to a local resident:

 The signs are fake and put up by local surfers to scare freedom campers away because they don’t want to share their spot with anyone else.

Fake ‘No Camping’ Signs

The signs, at South Taranaki’s Paora Rd, look to be official South Taranaki District Council, but Council denies ever making them or putting them up. The fake signs have been up since December, when freedom camping was officially banned in the area after a slew of complaints about mess. Funnily enough most complaints are with the local surfers themselves:

We never had any trouble with freedom campers. The only issues we have is with surfers. Local surfers think they own the place. Speeding and leaving a mess in the car park. The surfers are territorial. It has been going on for 10 years.

The signs stay up

A spokesman for the local council admits they have no plans to remove the fake signage anytime soon.

We don;t encourage or condone people to make fake signs, but they are serving a purpose

So you know what to do guys, make your own signs and have the surf to yourselves.

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