Surfing Iceland could be considered as one of the final frontiers. We’re sure there are a few more. But in this great surf movie ‘No Country For Cold Men’ you get a pretty good idea of what surfing Iceland is all about. Garrett Parkes – James Kates – Chayne Simpson take us on a journey to a place only a few have surfed before.

I Love Surfing Iceland

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As passionate surfers we were missing an international community to share our magic love for the sport. So on a drunk night out one of us said: “Why not create something like that ourselves?” We would love to tell you who that was, but we still haven’t figured that out. Besides, you are probably not that interested in the story.

What you are interested in, are the awesome videos and images we share with you daily. So please enjoy watching and like, share and tag away! Feel free to post on our Facebook timeline or send us a message, because your movie should also be seen! And hey, it’s also your community!

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I Love Surfing Caps Soon to Come

Ever since we started wearing our homemade I Love Surfing caps, everybody asked us where they could buy them. We weren’t planning on selling them, but made a few extra for our friends. And now their friends want the caps too, because they also love surfing.

In the summer season of 2015-2016 we started selling the caps offline and soon the caps will be available online as well.

Wear what you love! Wear I Love Surfing!

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Surfing Iceland

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