In front of his home crowd Taj Burrow announced his retirement from the world tour surfing stage. ‘I lost my hunger to win’, said the 37-year old during an interview with the WSL.

Taj has been on tour for 18 years and decided to stay home after the event in Margaret River finishes. He skips the Brazilian league and returns one final time to his favourite event in Fiji.


In his impressive years on tour, Taj won 11 finals, finished second to the world title two times, and is acknowledged as one of the best free surfers in the world. It’s not that he invented aerial surfing, but he was one of the pioneers for what we get to see these days from the young guns. When they started surfing, Taj was the one they were studying.

Time for Taj to stay home now. Back in wild and wonderful Western Australia, back where it all began. Together with his family at his own heaven. Time for family. Thanks a lot Taj and hope we get to see you every now and then.

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