Storm Warning | Big Monday

It has been a while since we have seen a really big storm in Europe due to El Niño but now we’re in for a treat! A proper storm warning and with it a..

Surfer survives 40 foot drop | Tom Dosland

Big wave surfing is getting more and more popular these days because of all the amazing footage we get to see. The WSL Big Wave tour is getting bigger, everybody seems to know about…


Women Surf Movie | Leave a Message

A generation of female surfers who has changed their sport of surfing forever. It may sound strange to name it a women surf movie, however it’s not something you see everyday. And even though…

Best Board Sale of Europe

Recently we came across the best board sale of europe and as you know we love to spread the love. Since 1971 Hart Beach has been selling surfboards in the Netherlands and has now grown…

Destinations / Video

27 January 2016

Mountain River Surfing Montana

Most of us would have probably seen some pictures of videos of surfers on natural standing waves. One of the famous examples is the Eisbach in Munich, Germany. However, the Strongwater Mtn Surf Company…


24 January 2016

I Love Surfing With Legends – Eddie Aikau

In an attempt to get help, Eddie Aikau, jumped into the water on his surfboard and paddled to the island of Lanai. Eventually his crew was rescued but Eddie was never to be seen…

Social Responsibillity

16 January 2016

Naked and Afraid | Alison and her plastic bikini’s

In one of the episodes of Discovery’s Naked and Afraid, surf babe and survival expert Alison Teal tries to create awareness for an everlasting and growing problem of plastic in the ocean. In a…

Destinations / Morocco

4 January 2016

I Love Surfing Morocco | 10% Special Discount

Ah no worries mate you will never hit the bottom here. Yeah sure tell that to the sea urchin spikes stuck in my big toe. As my Australian mate continues to shred on the…


Image / Video

2 January 2016

Shorebreak Passion with Clark Little

Over 5 million views on Youtube and selected as one of the favourite videos of 2015. Surf photographer Clark Little has a true Shorebreak Passion and it shows in this short clip about his…


News / Video

23 December 2015

A Freak of Technology | Kelly Slater Wave Company

The air is still, the location top secret, 100+ miles from the ocean, and a surf legend is as nervous and stoked as he is ever going to be. A switch is pulled and…

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