Mick Fanning Superbank madness at the Gold Coast of Australia. Every spot in the world has that one surfer that everybody loves and hates at the same time. You love them because they surf the place like nobody else. Perfect in tune with the rhythm of the ocean. At the same time you hate them because they are on all the good ones, make it look too easy and simply rule the line up. Mick Fanning is one of those guys. In this video you can see how he knows the wave unlike anybody else. He slows down to get barrelled and speeds up to avoid bodyboarders, and a longboarder who seems to take off his hat to salute Mick (FTW!)

Just Passing Through | Mick Fanning Superbank

Just Passing Through is a monthly film series showcasing the adventures of the Reef Ambassadors. This 10-episode series takes you along with the team of Reef to exotic locals and iconic surf destinations. Mick Fanning even has his own signature sandal series…

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