Surfing babies, who would have thought that would be Evian’s new moneymaker? Well we would have. Surfing is hot and marketeers are picking up on it. We are used to seeing surfers in smaller brands who focus on subcultures, but these days we see them in perfume commercials, with airline companies, in the car industry, and now the bottled water boys and girls have picked up on it as well. The biggest difference? This one is freakin’ awesome! Yes, there’s a cheesy (but true) message in there, but you just gotta love these surfing babies.

Surfing Babies

Evian didn’t just create this epic commercial, they took it a step further. You can now enter Baby Bay where you can meet the surfing babies, check the surf forecast, listen to some music, and score some great goodies.

To top it all off they also created a 360 degrees virtual reality experience in collaboration with Quiksilver. Nice going Evian.


This commercial is good marketing for sure, but at the end there’s also a far more important message than the surfing baby cuteness. Reuse, reduce and recycle. And if you have a further look at Evian’s commitments for the environment, you’ll see that they have a strong vision on this matter as well.

It’s up to us all to keep the babies is Baby Bay happy and safe!

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