300 waves per hour ranging from a friendly beginner size up to perfectly formed six foot world-classers just 1200 miles from the Pacific Ocean. Wavegarden Texas is set to open this Spring.

Wavegarden Texas

It has been 15 years in the making by Doug Coors, an engineer and surfer, who founded NLand Surf Park. This much anticipated wavegarden in Austin, Texas, will span a total of 160 acres and feature a 13-acre lagoon. Together with Honokea from Hawaii they created a park with lodging, food, retail, and a surf school. A competitive and eco-friendly inland surfer’s heaven.


Honokea is a traditional Hawaiian company that builds surf villages and resorts.

We’re from Hawai’i, we surf and our goal is to help make the world a better place by sharing the joy for surfing.

They now claim to have created the biggest and greenest surf park in the world.

Kelly’s Wave

For now the wavegarden Texas has the claim to be the only one in North America, but not for long because someone with eleven world titles is building one of his own. Meet Kelly’s wave

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